Synopsys CustomSim Selected by GSI Technology for High-Speed SRAM Simulation

13th October 2010
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Synopsys announced that GSI Technology, a leader in high-density, high-speed monolithic SRAMs, has selected Synopsys' CustomSim FastSPICE solution for the development and verification of its leading-edge designs. GSI Technology's 144-megabit (Mbit) SigmaQuad SRAMs achieve data bandwidths in excess of 72 gigabits per second (Gbps). In order to maximize yield with such aggressive timing specifications, extensive full-chip transistor-level simulations need to be run over multiple process, voltage and temperature corners. CustomSim delivered confirmed silicon-accurate results while simulating more than six times (6X) faster than competitive solutions. The comprehensive suite of analysis features included with CustomSim enabled GSI Technology to significantly accelerate tasks such as full-chip fanout analysis and leakage power characterization.
GSI Technology designs a large selection of synchronous and asynchronous SRAMs, most of which are the fastest and lowest-power devices of their type in the world. We depend on transistor-level simulation and custom hand-crafted layout to extract the highest performance from our designs while minimizing power consumption, said Patrick Chuang, senior vice president of memory design for GSI Technology. Our previous FastSPICE solution from a competing EDA vendor was generating unreliable timing data that prevented us from taping out. CustomSim delivered silicon-accurate results six times faster, allowing us to run more corners and tape out with confidence.

CustomSim, an integral part of Synopsys' Discovery™ Verification Platform, unifies the best-in-class NanoSim®, HSIM® and XA FastSPICE technologies with added multi-threading capabilities for high-capacity, high-performance circuit simulation. For full-chip mixed-signal verification, CustomSim is tightly coupled to VCS® functional verification through Direct Kernel Integration and is integrated into a unified analog/mixed-signal (AMS) verification environment which simplifies usability through a common set of inputs, outputs and device models.

Higher sensitivity to process and temperature variation is increasing the need for fast and accurate simulation of multimillion-transistor designs, said Bijan Kiani, vice president of product marketing at Synopsys. Full-chip multidimensional corner case analysis with CustomSim enables companies like GSI Technology to maximize yield and bring competitive products to market faster.

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