Surface Mount Package Guide for Marki Microwave components

15th December 2010
ES Admin
Designers and manufacturers of RF and microwave wireless radio communications systems will find the latest publication from Marki Microwaves particularly useful when it comes to specifying components for their next project.
The Surface Mount Package Guide, now available on the company website, covers the surface mount carrier options available for a wide range of Marki’s mixers, doublers, amplifier/doublers and passive components for operation up to 30GHz. The Marki Microwave product range plus technical guidance and support is available in the UK from exclusive distributor, Admiral Microwaves.

The publication is an easy reference guide providing useful information on device footprint, via type, carrier material and maximum frequency of operation for the various carriers to suit different devices. Embedded links are included to the product data on the Marki website.

The carriers are designed to provide a low cost, easy surface-mounting of these microwave components into microwave radio and other wireless systems, operating up to 30GHz.
The EZ and EQ Carriers, for example, allow the M1, M2, M3, M4 and T3 mixers to be surface mounted, as well as amplifiers and doublers. Two mounting options are possible: reflow-soldered directly to the system substrate; or screwed in place and solder-tacked at the port and ground connections. For many applications, it is sufficient to simply solder-tack the input/output and ground connections. Metal or nylon screws may be used for alignment, although nylon screws will minimise radiation effects.

Planar construction ensures reliable operation and repeatable performance.
Carrier components are recess-mounted into the system carrier/substrate for most applications. Screws attach the device to the system carrier or housing ground. For best performance the mixer should be placed as close as possible to the RF input.

The guide also contains information on the surface mount carrier options available for bias Tees, power dividers and diplexers.

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