Specialist web page helps speed automotive design

1st September 2016
Mick Elliott

A new Automotive Applications Solutions page, which highlights all the automotive circuit protection solutions from Littelfuse has been unveiled by Mouser Electronics. As automotive electrical systems for both gas- and electrical-powered cars continue to become more complex, engineers need a simplified way to determine which type of circuit protection solution will best guard specific automotive components. This new application-specific page provides a time-saving approach to find the right Littelfuse products to fit different automotive design needs.

The Automotive Applications Solutions page features Littelfuse’s comprehensive portfolio of AEC-Q101 and AEC-Q200 qualified TVS diodes, diode arrays, varistors, multi-layer varistors, and POLY-FUSE PTCs.

Each Littelfuse circuit protection solution plays a valuable role in shielding circuits against transient voltage surges or overvoltage events throughout the electrical system of an automobile.

To simplify the available Littelfuse automotive solutions, the page is structured into six main tabs, plus a Resources tab.

These are Chassis and Safety, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Auto Communication and Infotainment Systems, Auto Network Systems and Body,Powertrain Systems and New Energy Cars

Each tabbed section features a list of available Littelfuse products that relate to the application, along with product ordering information and downloadable datasheets.

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