Solid Sands announces two new solutions at Embedded World 2023

2nd March 2023
Sheryl Miles

Solid Sands, the global provider of testing and qualification technology for compilers and libraries, is to use its appearance at Embedded World 2023 to announce the development of two new solutions to meet the growing demand for C++ library and compiler qualification.

Solid Sands will inform visitors in Hall 4 of a new version of the SuperGuard Library Safety Qualification Suite for C++ that will be available late 2023.

As embedded applications become more and more extensive, safety-critical developers are craving a programming language that offers the speed and control of C, can handle the abstractions needed for complex projects, and has a robust library of existing code.

That language is C++

Solid Sands has long supported C++ compiler qualification with SuperTest. Solid Sands is excited to tell the world that, on request and for specific parts, SuperGuard for standard library qualification for C++ is also delivered.

Solid Sands will share its booth with its partner BUGSENG, a specialist provider of static code analysis solutions and services. In a joint project with Solid Sands, BUGSENG created the CerTran extension to ECLAIR.

CerTran automates the configuration of SuperTest for compiler qualification by scanning the application build process and creating the exact test configuration files needed to cover all the use cases. Not only does this save a lot of time, but it also avoids configuration errors that can easily happen when scanning the build process manually.

Solid Sands’ CTO Marcel Beemster says: “When developing safety-critical applications in C/C++, there are two key factors to consider – do the compiler and library do what they are supposed to, and does the application source code comply with programming guidelines like MISRA? For the first, we have SuperTest, for the second, BUGSENG has ECLAIR. With ECLAIR’s CerTran integration, these two can now work together seamlessly. It makes safety-critical development so much more efficient.”

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