Sliding door module integrated circuits and designs

30th May 2018
Anna Flockett

The integrated circuits and reference designs from Texas Instruments will help you accelerate the electronic design for automotive sliding door modules through high performance motor drivers and cost-optimised solutions. TI analogue products provide intelligent drive capabilities with enhanced diagnostics, robust power conversion and adjustable outputs.

Here you can quickly find featured reference designs and products for your system design. Narrow down TI's library of over 2,000 reference designs and 100,000+ devices to those most applicable to your design.

You can also download the 'Evolution vs. revolution: the building blocks of automotive body electronics' whitepaper which devlves deep into details about the past few genertaions of automobiles, where there have been significant advancements in vehicle traction sustems and other systems that provide road, vehicle, and entertainment information to drivers and passengers. 

Another significant trend that is expanding rapidly is features designed to make occupants inside the vehicle more comfortable. Collectively known as body electronics, these comfort and convenience systems allow vehicle occupants to feel comfortable inside the vehicle, and enable them to conveniently adjust various settings.

Click here to read the whitepaper. 

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