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14th October 2010
ES Admin

New to Adept Scientific’s (Letchworth, Herts) simulation product range is CircuitLogix from Logic Design Inc (Redmond, WA). CircuitLogix is a software program that converts your personal computer into a fully-functioning electronics laboratory with thousands of components and devices that are easily interconnected.

CircuitLogix is the electronics lab simulation software which provides fast, powerful schematic design and simulation in one complete program. With the flexibility to design and test electronic circuits, trying all the ‘what if’ scenarios without ever worrying about faulty parts or bad connections, CircuitLogix supports analogue, digital and mixed-signal circuits and its proven SPICE simulation gives accurate real-World results you can trust.

CircuitLogix Pro, the professional version, contains both 2D schematic simulation as well as a 3D simulation package called 3DLab. CircuitLogix Pro also contains over 10,000 models and devices and features a device editor which allows you to make your own electronic devices.

CircuitLogix contains over 4,000 device models including semiconductors, displays, indicators, switches, digital primitives, digital ICs, linear ICs, transistors, FETs, optoisolators, photo diodes, regulators, references, SCRs, triacs, supplies, sources, relays, maths devices, transmission lines, motors, etc. In addition, a full suite of virtual instruments are provided including oscilloscope, digital multimetre, Bode plotter, curve tracer, data sequencer, signal generator, logic analyser, logic probe and logic pulser.

CircuitLogix is supplied and supported by Adept Scientific in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Scandinavia and the Nordic countries.

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