Simple migration path for existing deployments

24th February 2020
Alex Lynn

Lynx Software Technologies has announced that it is using embedded world to unveil LynxOS v7.1, supporting long term Lynx customers in maintaining their deployments via a simple migration path. Lynx is also planning to announce significant adoption behind LYNX MOSA.ic, the software framework for the development and integration of complex multi-core safety or security systems and a broadening of the operating system and processor choice for LynxSecure at the event.

Ian Ferguson, Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Alliances at Lynx, said: “We are looking forward to meeting our customers and partners at Embedded World. LynxOS and LynxOS-178 are critical components in millions of devices in the aerospace, defence, industrial and consumer markets. Lynx has always committed to offering its customers a controlled migration path to improved functionality and bug fixes for their deployments, investing in the maintenance its customers need to keep these established platforms in service for longer.”

Pavan Singh, Vice President of Product Management at Lynx, added: “For many of these customers, LynxOS or LynxOS-178 will continue to be one of the critical software components on which their systems rely. Other customers are seeking to maintain and support their existing LynxOS deployment. Our goal with this release is to support all of our existing LynxOS customers, while they go through their very specific product journey.”

The primary objective of LynxOS 7.1 is to give LynxOS customers a simple migration path to the latest version of the operating system including all of the latest patches as well as upgrading the tool chain giving access to the most recent simulation environments.

Customers that prefer to remain on older versions of LynxOS will have the opportunity to remain on their existing version of the operating system and receive long term support, which encompasses point patches, service pack updates and customisation services.

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