Secure Android mobile devices for UK public sector

19th December 2013
Nat Bowers

In order to offer secure Android-based mobile devices to the UK public sector, Green Hills Software has partnered with Hewlett-Packard. Under this agreement, the companies will offer trusted mobile devices built with Green Hills Software’s INTEGRITY Multivisor virtualization technology for Android and enabled by HP’s secure mobility service.

Green Hills Software is currently piloting this secure mobile device initiative, with the separation kernel-based Type-1 hypervisor delivering security that cannot be matched by mobile OS-level mechanisms. INTEGRITY Multivisor achieves this through application wrapping, containers, access control and encrypted workspaces. The trusted mobile devices in this pilot have demonstrated form factor flexibility, near-zero impact to OEMs, and the ability to deploy high assurance isolation technology at the speed of consumer electronics innovation.

In order to achieve Commercial Product Assurance (CPA) Certification, Green Hills Software has initiated an independent test assessment for its trusted mobile solution. CPA Certification is awarded to security products that have been successfully tested against security standards defined by the UK Government Communications-Electronics Security Group.

Christopher Smith, Vice President of Marketing, Green Hills Software, comments: “When you consider that there are over 1.3 million mobile devices in the UK public sector, lowering cost, improving communication and increasing overall mobile security results is a huge benefit to the UK Government. Our separation kernel-based Type-1 hypervisor isolates at the hardware level, providing users with confidence in personal privacy while ensuring security and protection of critical enterprise information. Furthermore, the increased security provided with this solution will enable many new public sector departments to adopt mobile smartphones and tablets.”

“Our UK public sector clients have been searching for secure mobile solutions for IL2+ environments for some time. As a result of our collaboration with Green Hills, HP is able to offer a trusted solution for the UK public sector, integrated with INTEGRITY Multivisor trusted mobile devices, to deliver a mobile experience with the ultimate level of protection, security, trust and privacy,” commented Dion Smith, Director of Operations, Enablement and Innovation, HP UK Public Sector.

The mobile devices running INTEGRITY Multivisor are currently available for trials with carriers, enterprises and governments. The solution includes device acquisition and delivery, front-line integration and technical support to both users and enterprise administrators

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