New Development Board For Cypress PSoC 3 And PSoC 5LP Architectures

29th May 2013
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SchmartBoard has expanded its product offering with a new development board to support users of PSoC programmable system-on-chip architectures from Cypress Semiconductor. The board uses SchmartBoard’s EZ soldering technology to assure fast, easy and flawless soldering of PSoC 3 or PSoC 5LP silicon onto the board, or users can purchase one fully populated with boot-loaded PSoC silicon.
Cypress is pleased that SchmartBoard has added the PSoC 3 and PSoC 5LP boards into their development board tools, said John Weil, Senior Director of PSoC Marketing for Cypress' Programmable Systems Division. The full power of PSoC, including more than 100 pre-verified, production-ready components, is now available through SchmartBoard on their small, attractively priced development board.

The low-cost development board will be offered without PSoC IC or with Boot-Loaded IC.

The SchmartBoards for Cypress’s PSoC Architecture include critical development resources in a small cost-effective package.

-The board's DIP packaging layout plugs into a breadboard or a prototyping board to easily develop proof of concept systems or utilize in prototypes.

-The PSoC chips operate from 0.5V to 5.5V utilizing the on board boost converter that will operate from 0.5V and 3.6V, an LDO with up to 35 Vin or an external DC source.

-It has 30 I/O that can be used for digital or analog signals as well as 2 CapSense modules.

-Configure hardware resources as well as develop, download and debug software with the free PSoC Creator IDE tool selecting library modules or create your own.

-Full speed USB 2.0 Mini-B connector for use with the boot loader to program your design. Schmartboard offers a standard Mini B USB Cable for your convenience.

-Debug your USB designs with SnoopyPro free USB sniffer.

-MiniProg3 header to download and debug your design.

-Join the Cypress Developer Community or watch the PSoC Today video series.

-Schmartboard offers technical support for the development board and Cypress will support technical questions regarding PSoC silicon.

The fully featured, boot-loaded PSoC 5LP board from SchmartBoard is only $35. Fully populated except for the PSoC IC, the board has a suggested retail of $25. The board is currently available from SchmartBoard and authorized distributors.

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