RTI Connext DDS Secure for autonomous systems

31st March 2021
Alex Lynn

With RTI Connext DDS Secure, Real-Time Innovations (RTI) has provided a connectivity framework that enables system architects to build secure and scalable systems of systems.

Built on the Connext Databus, and fully compliant with the OMG DDS Security Specification, Connext DDS Secure supports fine-grained security, providing the flexibility to implement capabilities required by their systems, such as authentication, encryption and access control without compromising performance.

Securing autonomous systems – such as those in medical, energy, transportation and defense industries – requires careful architecting of the entire distributed system from edge to cloud. This includes considerations for integrating diverse technology components from different project teams or third-party suppliers.

The Connext Databus is a data-centric framework for distributing and managing real-time data in intelligent systems. It allows applications and devices to work together as one, integrated system. As a software databus with a security framework, Connext DDS Secure takes a data-centric approach to securing data including:

  • Interoperability between DDS Security applications based on the system’s data model.
  • Optimised security and performance by authenticating and encrypting only sensitive data.
  • Automatic discovery of each participant for peer-to-peer communications.

Advantages of RTI Connext DDS Secure

  • Fine-grain security offers flexibility to secure what you need and only what you need.
  • Pluggable design to protect your application with minimal-to-no changes.
  • Provides authentication, authorisation, confidentiality and integrity.
  • Defends against unauthorised access, tampering and replay.
  • Operates without centralised servers for high performance, scalability and availability.
  • Fully compliant with the OMG DDS Security Specification.

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