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3rd October 2019
Anna Flockett

At the recent DSEI show, Inzpire gave talks and demonstrations of its latest solutions. The company works across two different areas - on one side it delivers training and managed services in a number of topics, most recently a course in electronic warfare. On the other itdesigns solutions with the vision to become the most trusted and respected defence company in the industry.

The company was founded by a group of ex-soldiers who knew what current equipment lacked and designed new solutions to help in areas that needed it. Speaking to Mark Boyes, Chief Technology Officer, and one of the founder members of Inzpire he explained that the founders were determined to do things differently, and to develop a new model for a defence company that could deliver on a budget and on time, and from this the GECO (Air) and the Mission Support System were born.

The GECO (Air) is the world’s most advanced tablet based mission system, and includes highly intelligent military grade software, working on a powerful COTS hardware GECO (Air) provides one of the most powerful avionic mission and training capabilities.

The standalone tablets make this solution more cost effective, mission effective and provides the maximum amount of safety. The GECO (Air), a full touchscreen solution, is easily operated with a gloved hand, that can be hand-held, knee-mounted or platform-mounted and has the capability of acting as an additional cockpit MFD (Multi-Functional Display), either stand alone or integrated with the aircraft.

Inzpire designed this system with maximum flexibility which means it can be incorporated at the fraction of the cost of more traditional aircraft software. Being fully interactive and intuitive also means it can be accessed during all phases of flights.

By adding other apps such as ‘RADAR’ training can be enhanced significantly and downloaded from other platforms, and all features can be added without compromising other functions.

Secondly the Mission Support System was explained to me as providing the most intuitive and highly capable mission system currently on the military market.

It is a mission planning system that works with the on-board tablet-based management system, the GECO (AIR) to bring dynamic and flexible capability to the cockpit. It allows users to plan all areas of their mission, before hand and also during. Main features include route planning, performance planning and a complete mission rehearsal tool.

Boyes commented: “You need to be able to see before you fly and any areas you can’t see, any obstructions – these are all sensitive areas that the system can aid you with. It is simple, easy to use – you basically can work it out yourself. This is what makes us next-generation, our approach to simple but effective design.”

With the Mission Support System all your routes are mapped out, but can easily be changed. Once any changes are made the system will tell you if you have any obstructions, and most importantly if you have enough fuel for this new route. “This is something so simple but so essential that hasn’t really been done before,” Boyes explained.

There are different layers to the system, 3D mapping that is colour coded, map view and also real view – this is to keep it authentic. You can also add multiple devices to one system so all members on the mission can have one – this is something that nowadays is really important.

Finally, it provides real-time live information through data link, and you can also watch back the whole flight so soldiers can learn, as training is such a huge part of Inzpire.

In fact, when it comes to the training side Inzpire can provide mission specific training as it fully understands what is really wanted and needed in today’s industry.

Boyes commented: “It is immersive, complex and complicated to train people for decisions they will have to make in real life at a later date. We include things like high fielding models if customers want them which is a big focus for military customers, so it can be as realistic as possible.”

Software can be changed and adapted for different customers, and Boyes said the Mission Support System and training functions are brilliant for helicopter support. “The Mission Support System focuses on land environments and routes, and although is computer generated, can also be computer controlled.”

“When I worked in the forces there was tools in the army and military but not what we wanted and needed, so we devised our own. It’s all about the mission and safety in a user interface,” Boyes explained.   

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