Proton-Electrotex IGBT modules with proprietary drivers

15th June 2020
Alex Lynn

It has been announced that the entire line of IGBT modules and phase control thyristors manufactured by Proton-Electrotex JSC can now be equipped with compatible drivers.

IGBT drivers by Proton-Electrotex are intended for use with IGBT modules. They are widely used in converters for solar and wind energy, uninterruptible power supplies, electric vehicles and frequency converters. They feature optical isolation of control circuits, undervoltage protection and protection of transistors against short-circuit with safe shutdown.

IGBT drivers have an independent control mode and half-bridge mode. Additionally they can be customized upon customer’s request. Installation of the driver does not require a special adapter board. Installation is made by soldering the driver to control terminals or by wired connection.

You can learn more about the features, operating modes and design of IGBT drivers in the Application Note. The document is available on web-page of each driver:

The thyristor drivers by Proton-Electrotex are designed to control power thyristors rated for currents from 160 to 5,000A and voltage classes up to 1,800V. This type of drivers is widely used in converters for solar and wind energy, uninterruptible power supplies, soft starters and active rectifiers.

The driver features a protection against short input pulses, compact dimensions (54x32x26mm) and ability for customization upon request. The device can be installed on a printed circuit board with through-hole soldering or mounting into a board socket.

An important advantage of drivers by Proton-Electrotex is the ability to use it with third-party semiconductor modules.

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