Profiling system to aid the mass production of wearables

23rd September 2014
Siobhan O'Gorman

A report published by IHS found that by 2018, the global market for wearable technology will rise to 210m unit shipments and $30bn in revenue. Manufacturers are, therefore, required to decrease development cycles while improving capacity. To address this challenge, SolderStar have released an Automatic Profiling System (APS).

With the APS, production parameters and temperature profiles and automatically analysed. By tracking the progress of the PCB through the oven, the computer software provides an accurate calculation of the profile at product level. This allows for the mass production of SMART devices.

Mark Stansfield, Managing Director of SolderStar says: “SMART devices, including mobile phones and SMART ‘wearables’, are growing at such a pace, that it has never been more important to find a process control that can accommodate this increase and help to produce quality products."

“We are seeing an increased interest in our profiling equipment to help in the production of SMART devices, with companies realising the importance of having a system that monitors the solder process. If something is not measured accurately it cannot be managed efficiently and this is necessary in the production of this equipment. To produce electronic assemblies without a known profile can cause problems further down the line, involving either rework costs or early failures."

“SMART devices are also getting smaller and smaller which again can cause problems in production, this is one of the reasons we developed the APS. It has temperature probes that are smaller and can be positioned closer to the PCB providing a much more accurate temperature measurement in the vicinity of the electronic assembly during soldering. The smaller size also reduces the danger of the probe shadowing the product, and therefore giving a precise and accurate reading," added Stansfield.

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