Precision monitor with integrated hardware protector

2nd October 2019
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The BQ79606A-Q1 device from Texas Instruments provides simultaneous, high accuracy, channel measurements for three to six battery cells. With the inclusion of a daisy chain communication port, the BQ79606A-Q1 device is stackable (up to 64 devices) to support the large stack configurations found in battery packs for electrified automotive drive trains. 

Providing a Delta Sigma converter per cell input, the BQ79606A-Q1 allows simultaneous measurement of the battery voltages.

The BQ79606A-Q1 includes an auxiliary ADC that supports cell temperature measurements for up to six NTCs as well as internal rails to enable safety checks for the device. A die temperature measurement ADC is also included to provide temperature correction to enable high accuracy results over an extended temperature range.

Host communication to the BQ79606A-Q1 device is done via dedicated UART interface. Additionally, an isolated, differential daisy-chain communication interface that supports either capacitor or transformer isolation allows the host to communicate with the entire battery stack. The daisy-chain communication interface can be configured (optional) in a ring architecture that allows the host to talk to devices at either end of the stack in cases of communication line breaks.

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