OMRON provides 3D engineering data in CADENAS solutions

15th July 2020
Alex Lynn

OMRON Electronics has announced that it now offers its 3D engineering data as a digital product catalogue for OEM and industrial customers in cooperation with CADENAS.

3D CAD models of sensors, relays, measuring and inspection devices, industrial robots, controls and panel components are available free of charge in the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions as well as online in over 150 common CAD formats.

While globalisation and digital production are advancing, digital product catalogs, such as those from OMRON, support industrial companies such as WITTENSTEIN, SMS group and Procter & Gamble in manufacturing and maintenance of machines and systems. Engineers and designers require a variety of digital product data of purchased parts from a wide range of component manufacturers to plan and design their machines and systems.

Numerous leading industrial companies worldwide already use CADENAS Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions to manage their own and purchased parts. As of now, OMRON purchased parts are also available within the software solution.

Using numerous intelligent search methods, engineers can find OMRON's 3D CAD engineering data quickly and easily, thereby increasing the reuse of the components. Thanks to PARTsolutions, the comprehensive product data from OMRON can be easily integrated into PLM systems such as Teamcenter, PRO.FILE or SAP PLM. There is no need to create the data manually and projects are significantly accelerated.

The 3D engineering data provided in the digital product catalogue are verified by OMRON and meet the highest quality standards. This reduces the time-consuming and costly reconstruction by engineers to a minimum. In addition, the components also contain numerous important metadata, such as customs tariff numbers or end-of-life information.

The latter ensures that discontinued OMRON components are not used in new design projects and that information about subsequent components is always available. This data is of great importance for industrial companies because it saves a lot of time and money when designing and maintaining machines and systems.

With the digital product catalogue and the metadata of its components, OMRON offers a comprehensive service and fulfils the special requirements of OEM- and industrial customers worldwide, that prefer to use components from manufacturers whose engineering data are quickly and easily accessible.

Manufacturers of technical components that want to integrate their products directly into their customers' planning and development processes can now seamlessly provide their product data, thanks to the digital product catalogue from CADENAS. This ensures that components can automatically flow into PARTsolutions and thus into the constructions of the respective customers.

OMRON has extensive lines of control components and equipment, ranging from vision sensors and other input devices to various controllers and output devices such as servomotors, as well as a range of safety devices and industrial robots. By combining these devices via software, OMRON has developed a variety of effective automation solutions for manufacturers worldwide.

Based on its reservoir of advanced technologies and comprehensive range of devices, OMRON set forth a strategic concept called ‘innovative-Automation!’ consisting of three innovations or ‘i's’: ‘integrated’ (control evolution), ‘intelligent’ (development of intelligence by ICT), and ‘interactive’ (new harmonisation between people and machines). OMRON is now committed to bringing innovation to manufacturing sites by materialising this concept.

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