No redesign required: StratEdge revives critical hybrid packages

15th February 2024
Paige West

StratEdge Corporation highlights its expertise in fabricating hybrid packages for use in legacy systems where redesigning is not feasible.

These hybrid packages, which were often designed several decades ago, continue to play an essential role in numerous critical defence operations.

StratEdge is proficient in a range of sealing technologies, including glass-to-metal, ceramic-to-metal, and metal-to-metal, essential for crafting large metal enclosures with hermetic feedthroughs.

The company utilises ASTM F15 alloy, similar to its approach in moulded ceramic packages, as a fundamental material in the construction of these hybrid packages. Equipped with a variety of furnaces that operate under different gas atmospheres, StratEdge is adept at glass sealing and the brazing or soldering of diverse components. This includes metalised ceramics, iron alloys, copper, copper composites, and copper laminates, ensuring versatile and reliable package solutions for applications where updating or replacing is not an option.

"StratEdge has the unique equipment and expertise required to build these types of packages," says Casey Krawiec, VP of Global Sales for StratEdge. Krawiec further explained, "Our processes for manufacturing moulded ceramic packages share many similarities with the requirements for building legacy hybrid packages used in military and space applications."

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