New casting compound protects electronics

16th May 2024
Caitlin Gittins

Peters has recently expanded its product range with the introduction of ELPECAST VU 4545/101, a casting compound distinguished by its remarkably high thermal conductivity. 

According to Christoph Münz, a qualified chemist at the ink manufacturer based in Kempen, "At 1.7 W/mK, the thermal conductivity value is by far higher than standard." This high thermal conductivity makes it an optimal choice for applications requiring efficient heat dissipation, such as in electronics, sensor technology, and lighting electronics.

Industrial clients can utilise the two-component casting compound ELPECAST VU 4545/101. On one hand, the synthetic resin product provides dependable electrical insulation; on the other hand, it swiftly dissipates heat generated within the component, thus prolonging its operational lifespan. "The maximum temperature of the component can be significantly reduced by a thermally conductive encapsulation," explained Münz.

The exceptional processability and comparatively low flowability of VU 4545/101 casting compound set it apart. This facilitates application and enables precise and efficient potting procedures.

Another noteworthy attribute is its top flame class V-0 rating according to UL 94, ensuring utmost fire safety. "The casting compound offers a sensible and cost-effective alternative to silicone products," remarked Christoph Münz, who has been with Peters since 2007 and currently works in the R&D department at Peters Research.


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