MSI unveil ultra-compact fanless embedded system

8th August 2013
Nat Bowers

MSI has today introduced a new ultra compact size fanless embedded system, the MS-9A29. Offering a perfect cool solution for industrial applications, the MS-9A29 features an Intel Atom low-power processor. Easily integrated into various field sites, the new embedded system is available in wall mounting, display-attaching, and cabinet installation options. The MS-9A29 especially suited to space-critical application sites.

Offering rich networking, storage, and expansion options, the MS-9A29 is highly flexible. Thanks to all the friendly design, the MS-9A29 offers great cost-effectiveness with maximum flexibility and convenience for future maintenance or expansion.

Calm, slim and versatile

A cool industrial computer for non-stop operation is always required for mission-critical industrial applications. Featuring the Intel Atom low-power processor and smart mechanical design, the MS-9A29 offers this kind of calm solution that many industrial applications need. The MS-9A29 features a small-size housing. This enables it to be easily integrated in space-critical cabinet, automation control system, or directly attached to LCD monitors using the optional bracket and simply one screwdriver.

Integration flexibility is achieved with multiple communication options (Gigabit LAN/Serial/WiFi/3G), rich storage media (SATA, mSATA, and Mini-PCIe), and great expansion possibilities with Mini-PCIe. Dual independent displays with VGA and HDMI outputs are supported to ensure error-free operation in on-site monitoring applications. These features make the MS-9A29 embedded system suited for applications including automation control, data communication, digital signage, KIOSK, and more.

Innovatively designed with the user in mind

The MS-9A29 has a removable bottom cover design that allows users to easily access the mainboard, unlike most compact-size embedded systems with fixed case design. This enables the installation or maintenance of the memory, serial ports, HDD, WiFi, or 3G modules to be done quickly. Designed with a 3G SIM card holder onboard, the MS-9A29 is ready for 3G applications without the need to redesign an additional SIM card holder for the entire kiosk, digital signage, or automation system.

Key Features:

  • Slim and compact size that is perfect for space-critical applications
  • Ready-to-attach to LCD monitors simply with one screwdriver and optional bracket
  • Intel Atom processor with ultra-low power and fanless design, a perfect cool solution for automation
  • Supports DDR3 SO-DIMM memory up to 4GB
  • Dual independent displays with VGA and HDMI outputs
  • Dual Gigabit LAN for high-bandwidth communications
  • Dual Mini-PCIe for expansion (one with SIM holder), offering more application possibilities
  • Versatile options for networking: Gigabit LAN and optional WiFi/3G by Mini-PCIe
  • Removable bottom cover design for internal Mini-PCIe (WiFi/3G…), SATA, memory, and serial connection
  • Designed with 3G SIM-card holder onboard ready for 3G Mini-PCIe application
  • Support mSATA for solid state disk option, offering faster data access and reliable storage
  • Two openings on rear panel reserved for 3G/WiFi antennas
  • Can be mounted on wall or monitor (with bracket)

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