Mistral announces solutions based on Curtiss-Wright’s New COTS-based RADHARD Ready Initiative

17th November 2010
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Mistral Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a leading provider of complete technology solutions and professional services in the embedded space, today announced Curtiss-Wright’s (CWCEC) new RADHARD Ready COTS technology development initiative, which applies the principles of embedded COTS product design to military applications that have to perform/survive and function following exposure to otherwise damaging gamma and neutron radiation events.
/> RADHARD Ready COTS products are a better alternative to today’s costly radiation hardened products, designed to meet the most extreme and highest levels of radiation exposure. Products developed with the help of RADHARD Ready™ satisfactorily address a large percentage of today’s applications that need a lesser range of radiation tolerance. These products use significantly less expensive COTS components.

Many of the radiation-hardened products presently available in the market are designed for space deployment and incorporate features and techniques intended for the most extreme radiation exposure. For a wide range of defense and aerospace applications, this expensive, highest level radiation-hardened design is far beyond what their system requires. RADHARD Ready™ offers system integrators with a more cost-effective selection of product options that better fit their needs.

The RADHARD Ready™ radiation mitigation methods have been successfully tested and evaluated on several PowerPC-based VME boards at White Sands Missile Test Range (WSMR) in New Mexico. The RADHARD Ready™ versions are currently available for the 6U SVME/DMV-183 and SVME/DMV-184 SBCs from Curtiss Wright A RADHARD Ready™ Test Report is available upon request from the CWCEC factory.

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