Lattice's MachXO2 FPGA-Based Development Kit Simplifies Electronic Systems Design

22nd October 2012
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Lattice Semiconductor have today unveiled the Control Development Kit for its MachXO2 family of ultra-low density FPGAs‚ enabling low cost prototyping of complex system control and video interface designs.
The newly included MachXO2-4000HC device includes 4320 look up tables of programmable logic and 222 Kbits of on-chip memory‚ which meet the demands of system control and interface applications in communications‚ computing‚ industrial‚ consumer and medical markets.

Engineers can use the MachXO2 Control Development Kit as a low cost‚ full featured development platform for system control functions such as power supply sequencing and monitoring‚ reset distribution and data logging. The kit is also ideal for video interface and processing designs with its built-in DVI and 7:1 LVDS (Camera Link) Video input and output connectors. The control kit accommodates complex system requirements for control and interface with a growing number of sensors‚ actuators and indicators on every board. The programmable logic and on-chip memory of the MachXO2-4000HC device also enables high quality image processing and buffering for low cost video applications.

The kit offers a wealth of other built-in system resources that engineers can use to build realistic system prototypes with both digital and analog control‚ human interfaces (electret microphone‚ speaker/headphone‚ LED) and a wide variety of interfaces to external devices and systems (USB 2.0‚ microSD‚ GPIO). Engineers have on-board access to a Lattice Power Manager II POWR1014A analog/digital power-supply monitor and sequence controller‚ 4 MB SPI Flash and 256MB LPDDR SDRAM memories.

“Customers are utilizing the MachXO2 family to address the increasing number of system interfaces and leveraging low cost‚ low power programmability to implement smart system control‚” said Brent Przybus‚ Lattice Senior Director of Corporate and Product Marketing. “The Control Development Kit simplifies prototyping of these systems and demonstrates its use in a wide range of system control applications in the most demanding markets.”

Reference Designs and Easy to Use Development Kits

To accelerate development time‚ over 35 popular reference designs and IP cores‚ a low cost Breakout Board‚ and easy to use Pico and Control Development Kits are available for prototyping cost sensitive‚ ultra-low density designs with MachXO2 FPGAs. Using the preloaded Control SoC design in the Control Development Kit‚ engineers can test within minutes board control functions such as power supply sequencing‚ reset distribution‚ power supply monitoring and data logging using the included Power Manager II POWR1014A device and 8-bit LatticeMico8 soft microcontroller‚ then explore other design options with a known good starting point.

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