LIN products for automotive interfaces

16th January 2019
Alex Lynn

A Local Interconnect Network, also known as LIN, can provide a lower cost and simpler implementation than can for non-safety critical systems. That TLIN family of devices include single, dual, and quad channel LIN transceivers.The TLIN devices are compliant to the applicable LIN standards while being designed to meet AEC-Q100qualifications needed for most automotive applications. 

TLIN 1x and 2x devices offer wide bus fault protection for both 12 volt and 24 volt battery applications, respectively while providing design flexibility with pin to pin compatible solutions for easy migration between 12 and 24 volt battery systems.

Additionally, TLIN devices offer reduced power consumption by implementing advanced power down features to meet the most stringent power budget. Available in industry standard eight pin and 14 pin packaging, the TLIN devices also provide improved automated optical inspection by offering wettable flanks within our no lead bson on package. TLIN products provide wider supply voltages an integrated IEC-61000-4-2 ESD protection or further design simplification and cost reductions.

To watch the video from Texas Instruments, click here.

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