Learn how to quickly and easily parallelize your embedded multicore programs at Embedded Live

13th October 2010
ES Admin
Vector Fabrics will be hosting a conference session titled Simplifying the Hard Part of Multicore: Partitioning Code at the forthcoming Embedded Live conference. Recognizing that one of the barriers slowing the transition to embedded multicore is the difficulty of parallelizing your functionality, the session will highlight why manual partitioning is so hard, and will introduce a new methodology and tool that directly addresses the challenge of partitioning code.
Partitioning becomes much simpler once you are given a list of known-safe partitioning choices and detailed instructions on how to implement the results. Especially with the C language, subtle dependencies, often due to clever pointer use, can create a design nightmare. The elusive bugs that can result from incorrect partitioning or missing data synchronization can add weeks of frustrating debug time.

This free technical session is being held on Wednesday, October 20, 2010, 12:30pm -- 1:30pm in one of the lecture rooms within the exhibition hall.

Vector Fabrics will also be conducting demonstrations of its vfAnalyst tool at the stand. This cloud-based tool allows software engineers to easily identify the most promising parallelization opportunities within their C code, greatly easing the time-consuming and expensive process to create an effective multicore implementation.

vfAnalyst's unique graphical interface makes it easy to identify which portions of the program can be run in parallel, and what kinds of data communications are needed in order to ensure that the multi-threaded code will operate identically to - but faster than - the sequential code. In addition, vfAnalyst is intended to help engineers who are tasked with parallelizing legacy sequential code: engineers can do the project without having to know in detail how the code works.

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