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20th January 2011
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Lattice Semiconductor will be exhibiting this year at the Embedded System Conference being held in Nuremberg. The booth number is Hall 9 Stand 180. Lattice will be featuring a number of newly introduced products along with their low cost, low power third generation ECP3 FPGAs. There will be demonstrations of these products in development environments and Lattice technical experts will be available to answer customer questions.
Among the products that Lattice will be featuring is its recently introduced MachXO2 family of infinitely reconfigurable Programmable Logic Devices (PLDs). This offers designers of low density PLDs an unprecedented mix of low cost, low power and high system integration in a single device. The MachXO2 family delivers a 3X increase in logic density, a 10X increase in embedded memory, more than a 100X reduction in static power and up to 30% lower cost compared to the prior generation MachXO PLD family. These devices are ideally suited to the most popular functions used in system applications (telecom infrastructure, computing, high end industrial, high end medical) and consumer applications (smart phones, GPS devices, mobile computing, digital cameras). Features of these devices include User Flash Memory (UFM), I2C, SPI and a timer/counter.

The LatticeECP3 family will also be featured. This is the third generation mid-range FPGA from Lattice Semiconductor, which offers the industry's lowest power consumption and price of any SERDES-capable FPGA device. The LatticeECP3 FPGA family offers multi-protocol 3.2G SERDES with XAUI jitter compliance, DDR3 memory interfaces, powerful DSP capabilities, high density on-chip memory and up to 149K LUTS, all with half the power consumption and half the price of competitive SERDES-capable FPGAs.
The ECP3 will be demonstrated using a PCI Express Development Kit which is a complete hardware/software development environment to help accelerate the evaluation of PCI Express technology, get to a known good starting point for a design, and then easily transition to design exploration. There will also be a demonstration of how the ECP3 can be used to implement a high- definition interface for video surveillance systems.

Platform Manager “Product of the Year.”

In designing highly integrated circuit boards that contain ASICs, Micros, FPGAs and other complex devices, the power supply management side is sometimes overlooked. Lattice recently introduced the Platform Manager product family; this family of devices was recently voted product of the year 2010 by Electronic Products Magazine as a “Revolutionary Approach to Managing Board Power and Digital Functions.”
The Platform Manager™ product family represents the third-generation of mixed-signal devices available from Lattice. Platform Manager simplifies board management design significantly by integrating programmable analog and logic to support many common functions, such as power management, digital housekeeping and glue logic. By integrating all of these support functions, Platform Manager not only reduces the cost of these functions compared to traditional approaches, but also improves system reliability and provides a high degree of design flexibility that minimizes the risk of circuit board re-spins.

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