Kit enables easy creation of custom industrial PCs

4th July 2016
Nat Bowers

Fujitsu has announced a FUJITSU Kit Solution with extensive accessories, enabling customers to easily create industrial PCs for the particular requirements of their application. The kit includes a newly developed housing measuring 250x52x191mm, the Mini-ITX mainboards D3433-S or D3434-S with 6th gen Intel Core technology and a PCIe riser card.

All components are CE and FCC/B certified on system level. The boards have been developed for industrial use and are suitable for continuous operation 24/7 in an extended temperature range of 0 to 60°C. The LGA1151 CPU socket offers multiple connection options for CPUs. The mainboards are equipped with high-performance DDR4 memory which can be expanded up to 32GB. The models feature a mPCIe and a M.2 port, which can be used to place new SSDs directly onto the mainboards. In case of the D3433-S the mPCIe port is shared with mSATA.

Both mainboards allow the use of all Intel 6th generation CPUs from 35 up to 65W. The D3433-S with the Intel Q170 chipset supports up to three independent displays and out-of-band management via Intel vPRO 2015 and Intel AMT 11.0. Both boards offer additionally to a PCI Express x16 Gen3 and a mini-PCIe port also extensive internal and external USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports. For requirements without special management functions the cheaper D3434-S with the Intel H110 chipset is recommended. This model supports two independent digital displays. Both the D3433-S as well as the D3434-S feature a multistage WatchDog function. Two Intel GbE ports, LVDS/eDP and TPM V2.0 module by Infineon (D3433-S) round out the functionality.

The housing of the FUJITSU Kit Solution is not labelled and provides ample space for customer labels. It has mounting options for an optional riser card for PCIe cards in SFF design. The solution includes a screw-12VDC-in power jack, which allows operating the Mini-ITX D3433-S or D3434-S using an EMC filter and a set of cables. The power design aims at processors with a maximum TDP of 35W and an overall system consumption of 65W. In addition to a hard drive rack for 2.5" hard drives or SSDs the Mini-ITX mainboards offer a M.2 port in the lengths 42 and 60mm. The housing also has feet as well as an option for wall mounting. There is also an intrusion function that logs the opening of the housing in the running state. A connection for a Kensington lock also guarantees security against theft.

The FUJITSU Kit Solution offers tested and certified components for easy assembly and configuration of a customised industrial PCs. Customers get a fully functional complete solution with options for 2.5" hard drive, wireless antenna on an RP-SMA connector, expansion cards for M.2, mSATA (only D3433-S) and mPCIe, PCIe cards with low profile and a breakthrough for another COM port. Any cooling solution with 1HE LGA 115x cooler with 4-pin PWM fan control can be used.

Peter Hoser, Sales Director, OEM, Fujitsu, commented: "The demand for embedded solutions is constantly increasing. Our FUJITSU Kit Solution offers customers the ability to produce application-specific systems inexpensively and easily. The complete kit solution is CE and FCC/B-certified and environmentally tested. This eliminates additional, time-consuming and costly tests and certifications.

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