Compact models of JetView Pro-32 and JetView Pro-64 meets most needs of your diverse industrial network infrastructures

5th April 2013
Nat Bowers

Korenix is pleased to introduce its JetView Pro-32 and JetView Pro-64 compact models of Industrial Intelligent Network Management System for networks of up to 32 nodes and 64 nodes which are commonly in operation in the diverse industrial network infrastructures.

JetView Pro is Korenix' NMS, a network management tool is designed to enable administrators to discover networking devices and scan faster, up to 1024 nodes in heterogeneous network, automated or manual topology generation, manage 3rd party IP-based or SNMP-enabled network devices, batch management, device configuration and performance monitoring and so on.

JetView Pro has the capacity to restore automatically; the configuration of devices is backed up regularly to the servers. In case a device is replaced, the original settings will be auto-restored to the new one.

JetView Pro'sEvent-Action features defining your event actions - warming events such as link down, power failure, ring broken or device failure are handle via syslog, email, SNMP trap or user defined applications.

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