Introducing the new edge compute software platform

28th February 2019
Anna Flockett

After nearly 40 years in the business, with customers writing 100’s of millions of lines of application code running on billions of devices on earth and in space, the embedded industry’s leading software provider continues to deliver differentiated and disruptive offerings. 

Guest blog written by Michel Genard, Wind River.

At Embedded World Wind River has introduced the newest cutting-edge addition to its comprehensive edge compute software portfolio, which was just selected as ‘Best in Show’ at the event.

With Wind River Helix Virtualisation Platform we’re drastically simplifying embedded solution development, which is significantly more complex today than it once was. This increase in complexity is fuelled by the demand for more intelligence at the edge with a path toward autonomous systems; the need to evolve and modernise legacy systems while simultaneously supporting existing applications; the cost and effort of supporting mandated safety regulations; and keeping pace with innovation.

Helix Platform brings the best of all worlds together into one edge compute software offering.  It is a foundation that leverages virtualisation, takes advantage of the proven capabilities of VxWorks and the openness of Linux, offers the flexibility to add other OSes as needed, and delivers the scalability to consolidate legacy and new applications into one system.

But what does this really mean?  Let’s break it down…

  1. You’ve written millions of lines of code that have already been certified and deployed.   But now it’s time to make your design more intelligent through various forms of AI, such as machine learning and computer vision. With Helix Platform, you can keep your VxWorks applications and run them alongside new applications written in Linux or other OSes.
  2. You’ve built an awesome prototype of a new autonomous device using Linux.  Now it’s time to ready your design for commercial deployment.  But getting your product to the market requires meeting government regulations and safety certifications like DO-178C, IEC 61508, to name a few.  You can do this by using Helix Platform to prototype your application on Linux and achieving your certifications on VxWorks.
  3. You’ve been running purpose built applications on dedicated hardware for years.  Now it’s time to upgrade to the latest multicore processors that can handle multiple applications in one consolidated system.  But how do you consolidate applications with mixed criticality requirements?  Helix Platform enables you bring those applications into one heterogeneous software environment safely.

And the list goes on. From modernising aerospace platforms to updating industrial infrastructure and advancing autonomous driving, Helix Platform addresses the many needs of multiple market segments.

Helix Platform is a critical building block for how Wind River will continue to accelerate the evolution from automated devices towards more intelligent and autonomous systems, and we’re thrilled to have customers already reaping the many benefits of the platform.

Courtesy of Wind River.

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