INTEGRITY RTOS supports TI's Sitara AM57x processors

19th October 2015
Jordan Mulcare


Green Hills Software has announced early support of its industry-leading industrial safety and security products featuring the safety-certified INTEGRITY RTOS for the Sitara AM57x family of processors from Texas Instruments.

The Green Hills product and services portfolio also includes software development tools, cryptographic security products and safety services that when combined, enable device manufacturers to create and deploy secure and safe products for industrial control, factory communication and smart grid technologies.

As today’s industrial control and automation products demand higher performance, richer HMI and assured security on untrusted networks, device manufacturers are moving to new faster processors with integrated acceleration units devoted to 3D graphics, cryptography and industrial communication protocols. To unlock these hardware features they require easy-to-use software development tools that generate high-quality/high-performance code, cryptographic toolkits to build in a root of trust to protect critical data and device resources and a scalable trusted runtime architecture certified to the highest levels of IEC 61508 certified industrial safety. Green Hills Software and TI bring these hardware and software components together into an integrated solution.

“The combination of Green Hills Software’s functional safety and security expertise and our high performance, heterogeneous processors enables us to deliver market-leading industrial solutions,” said Carlos Betancourt, Product Marketing Manager, TI. “With INTEGRITY, our Sitara AM57x processor family is an ideal industrial platform offering multiple low-latency industrial network protocols, security engines and integrated DSP and graphics acceleration. The AM57x processors are the most powerful embedded SoCs featuring real-time processing and multimedia in the generally available embedded market.”

The Green Hills products and services for the Sitara AM57x processors are a suitable development and deployment platform that uniquely meets the demands for performance, safety, security and scalability for industrial devices.

The Sitara AM57x processor family is offered in dual/single ARM Cortex-A15 configurations placing it at the top of the Sitara line in performance and integration. The family also features dual/single C66x DSPs, dual ARM Cortex-M4s, PCI Express, USB 3.0, SATA, Gb EtherNET, OpenGL/OpenVG GPU and a quad core industrial communication subsystem that enables fieldbus communication protocols such as EtherCAT, PROFINET, EtherNET/IP, PROFIBUS, POWERLINK and SERCOS.

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