How to combine high-performance with design-to-cost

7th June 2022
Tom Anstee

In response to a request from a major customer, Virtual Extension develops a new wireless lighting control device with extension to DALI, to be launched.

Virtual Extension, a wireless networks for Lighting Control, is pleased to announce the addition of a device to its line of VEmesh E2D IoT Extension to DALI high-performance devices. The new Bridge Module device has been developed after listening to the needs of one of Virtual Extension major customers. To succeed in developing such a high-performance and at the same time affordable device, the E2D Bridge Module development success has been inspired by the design-to-cost approach. Following the customer’s tests, the new Bridge Module has been made available for the customer off-the-shelf.

The new device uses the same high-performance VEmesh technology that has been recognized by IEC and used by the company in all its lighting control products. This IEC protocol 62386-104, known as wireless DALI, includes VEmesh as its only mesh technology that takes advantage of using all the available RF propagation paths, while operating in the industrial-grade sub‑1GHz frequency band, as opposed to the overcrowded 2.4 GHz.

The result has been an unmatched mixture of robustness, resilience and range features. Additional advantages result from VEmesh low latency, for all the lamps to turn on simultaneously and from enabling VEmesh products to follow all the relevant parts of IEC62386 protocol, for a highly reliable and scalable high-performance wireless network.

Virtual Extension customers, such as Normagrup Technology, have recognized and taken advantage of these features for offering in turn the best performing products for their customers. And when Normagrup Technology asked for a better cost-performance, smaller size and lower power-consumption, Virtual Extension R&D engineers listened very carefully. They made several decisions: to work in close cooperation with the customer, to use a design-to-cost approach for complying with the main customer’s requirement, and to end up with a device that matches and exceeds the requirements of the customer.

“Virtual Extension is supporting our values of acting in a cooperative and quick manner in projects where performance is critical, towards a friendlier and more sustainable world. Such partnership fits with our strategy of commitment to the accomplishments of our global clients”, states Juan Ramón Santos, CMO, Normagrup.

“We are excited about this new type of E2D Bridge and thrilled to bring it to market in cooperation with such a highly professional customer” says Yariv Oren, Virtual Extension CEO. “Our standard E2D Bridge has been a successful IoT extension to DALI Bridge for years, and the new module takes all its best high-performance features, reduces its power-consumption and size, to perfect the match to this Lighting Control OEM market” he added.

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