HD inspection station features ergonomic design

15th May 2015
Jordan Mulcare

FSInspection will highlight its high-magnification, visual inspection series in Booth #731 at The Big M Manufacturing Convergence, scheduled to take place 2nd to 4th June, 2015 at the Cobo Center in Detroit. The series includes the HDMag high-magnification visual inspection station, X-Mag machine vision station and PKMag 50 portable visual inspection device.

The HDMag HD inspection station is claimed to offers unparalleled comfort: the ergonomic design promotes good posture and reduces eye, neck and back strain. Operators can now sit back while viewing the screen and zoom in up to 127 times to see the smallest details. Additional features include built-in, adjustable LED lighting, auto-focus with manual override, gliding X-Y table and software that offers image capture, storage and measurement.

The X-Mag machine vision station’s advanced technology and sleek design integrates a HD camera and monitor to offer sharp images at all magnification levels. Small details become crystal clear with up to 96 times magnification, providing exceptional inspection of all objects. The X-Mag features an auto-focus camera with manual focus override, tilting camera and 330° rotating camera arm.

The PKMag 50 portable inspection device offers HD magnification in a convenient and efficient package which weighs less than 300g. With a 5" LCD display and prominent push-button controls, it is easy for operators to learn and use with no need to hunch over and peer into eyepieces. The PKMag 50 can be carried to wherever it is needed to instantly inspect items from almost any angle without eyestrain.

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