Green Hills Software announces support for Freescale’s Kinetis microcontrollers

24th June 2010
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Green Hills Software has announced software development tools, operating systems, middleware, and hardware debug probes for the Freescale Semiconductor Kinetis microcontrollers based on the ARM Cortex™-M4 core. As the world’s leading embedded solutions vendor for ARM, Green Hills Software provides the most comprehensive embedded solutions portfolio for Freescale microcontrollers, enabling developers to achieve maximum performance, minimum production cost and power consumption and fastest time-to-market.
“Green Hills Software’s highly optimized embedded software solutions are a key ingredient of our launch into the ARM microcontroller space,” commented Aiden Mitchell, director of Freescale’s Industrial & Multi-market segment. “Green Hills Software’s industry leading real-time operating systems and software development tools enable embedded developers to optimize their designs across Freescale’s microcontroller portfolio, including devices based on Power Architecture® technology, ColdFire® processors and now ARM Cortex-M class-based devices.”

“The Kinetis performance-efficient processing and flash, high peripheral integration, and flexible product family choices are an ideal solution for the challenging demands of emerging cost- and power-sensitive applications in smart energy, factory automation, medical, and consumer electronics,” commented David Kleidermacher, chief technology officer, Green Hills Software. “The ARM Cortex-M4-based Kinetis is a winning addition to Freescale’s microcontroller portfolio.”

The Green Hills Software solution for Kinetis includes:

- The ultra-fast, ultra-small (as small as 2 KB), easy-to-use µ-velOSity™ real-time operating system with full source code

- Comprehensive suite of integrated middleware and drivers, including USB, Embedded GUI, TCP/IP, Network Security Protocols, and Wireless Drivers

- MULTI® integrated development environment (IDE)

- Green Hills Probe

- TimeMachine™ Debugging Suite

- ARM Cortex-M4 Optimizing C/C++ compilers

- Extensive application porting and code optimization services

Green Hills Software solutions and Freescale’s Kinetis MCUs pair the most innovative embedded technology from the industry’s most trusted suppliers.

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