Green Hills Software selected by Vocality in its router and secure voice communications equipment for the satellite communications market

14th February 2011
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Green Hills Software has announced that its GateD Routing Protocols, MULTI integrated development environment (IDE) and Green Hills Probe are being used by Vocality International in the development of the company’s router and secure voice equipment for the satellite communications market. Vocality’s BASICS and PRO products provide radio relay, secure voice, network routing and IP security capabilities and are used globally in vehicular installations such as submarines, command and control planes, military logistics deployments and emergency aid missions.
Unlike most commercial routing and communications devices, Vocality’s products are developed specifically for applications where size, reliability and performance in harsh or restrictive conditions are critical driving factors. They operate in situations of natural emergency for aid agencies and broadcasters and provide communications for the military, delivering a lightweight solution with low power consumption and heat dissipation. These factors are important as equipment is often transported by helicopters and light vehicles – to minimise deployment time – and then powered by generators or batteries.

Explaining the impact these demands have on the company’s supplier selection, Julian Bashford, chief executive officer of Vocality, said, “Our customers deploy our systems very quickly, often in extremely difficult conditions, and they must work perfectly on arrival. Consequently, we take a rigorous approach when choosing our partners; the efficiency and reliability we require from our hardware must be matched by the software. The performance of Green Hills Software’s products and its track record of providing certified software for mission-critical applications in sectors including aerospace and defence, gave us the confidence to make a long term commitment for our product range.”

Martin Saunders, chief technology officer of Vocality, added, “Green Hills Compilers have proven to be extremely reliable and the MULTI toolset is a very powerful debugging environment. The GateD routing protocols have a small footprint, which enables us to optimise bandwidth in challenging environments.”

Christopher Smith, vice president marketing, Green Hills Software, said, “Vocality is a prime example of how an innovative specialist company, armed with efficient, modern software development tools, can bring a product range to market that matches and beats the offerings of much larger competitors. We are pleased to be able to support them in their ongoing development programme.”

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