Green Hills Software Announces INTEGRITY Support for Power Architecture VLE

1st March 2011
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Green Hills Software, the largest independent vendor of embedded software solutions, today announced that its INTEGRITY real-time operating system has been optimized for the Power Architecture Variable Length Encoded (VLE) Instruction Architecture, available in Freescale Qorivva Power Architecture automotive microcontrollers such as the MPC55xx and MPC56xx families. The VLE optimizations enable the INTEGRITY RTOS to achieve a minimum flash footprint of approximately 50 KB while providing total reliability, safety, and security through memory protection and virtual memory for all application and system processes.
To reduce cost and footprint, automotive manufacturers and tier-1s are increasingly consolidating electronic functions onto a reduced number of ECUs. This trend implies a difficult challenge in maintaining reliability, security, and safety. The INTEGRITY RTOS is designed specifically to address these software-partitioning challenges, and VLE optimization allows more room for application development and greater price and design flexibility by enabling the INTEGRITY operating system to run on more memory and cost-constrained microcontrollers. Designers using Freescale’s high-performance Qorivva automotive microcontrollers can now look to the INTEGRITY RTOS as the only safety-critical memory-protected operating system available in this space, facilitating the industry’s inexorable move towards systems convergence.

“Freescale is pleased to see INTEGRITY’s support for Qorivva microcontrollers added to the trusted Green Hills tools portfolio,” said Ray Cornyn, director of automotive microcontrollers products at Freescale. “With increasing ECU performance, software complexity and industry safety regulations, we expect the industry to welcome advanced RTOS technologies like INTEGRITY.”

“This product release further solidifies the INTEGRITY RTOS’s place as the most scalable operating system on the planet, able to run tiny microcontrollers lacking external memory all the way up to smartphones, PCs, and servers,” commented David Kleidermacher, chief technology officer, Green Hills Software. “This, along with its long time support of open standards such as POSIX and ability to virtualize guest operating systems such as Linux, Windows, and Android, truly earn INTEGRITY its pedigree as the universal operating system.”

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