GOEPEL electronic introduces the worldwide smallest JTAG/Boundary Scan Controller

24th February 2011
ES Admin
GOEPEL electronic introduces PicoTAP, the world’s smallest JTAG/Boundary Scan Controller with single TAP interface. The new and extremely handy solution (matchbox size) has been designed for simple Boundary Scan test and programming tasks and for cost-critical applications throughout the entire product life cycle. If users want to upgrade their Boundary Scan applications at a later point in time, programs generated with PicoTAP are cross compatible to all controllers from GOEPEL electronics, such as the SCANBOOSTER® series or the high-performance platform SCANFLEX.
/> “The new low cost controller is our response to increasing customer requests to execute simple or non-time-critical test, debug and programming procedures with minimal equipment”, explains Stefan Meissner, GOEPEL electronic’s Public Relations Manager. “Furthermore, PicoTAP enables a fast introduction to the standardised test topic via IEEE 1149.x by keeping full compatibility to our existing hardware and software portfolio.”
The low cost JTAG/Boundary Scan Controller is controlled by a USB 2.0 interface and doesn’t require any additional voltage supply, making its utilisation very handy and efficient. PicoTAP provides a preconfigured plug-in TAP (Test Access Port), and therefore can be directly plugged to the assembly, i.e. additional cable adaption’s are omitted. PicoTAP gains further flexibility by a 5V auxiliary supply voltage switchable at the TAP interface.

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