Evaluation kit enables fast & easy motor drive design

6th May 2016
Nat Bowers

Offering a scalable design platform for 3-phase motor drives in the 20 to 300W range, Infineon announces its iMotion Modular Application Design Kit (MADK). The compact and flexible evaluation system includes controller and power boards (optionally with sensors). Using the kit, a full functioning motor system will be running in less than one hour, enabling a faster time-to-market.

Designers only need a few steps to run the motor: plug the cards into their PC, motor and grid, download, install and parameterise the software.

Infineon offers four kits which match different motor designs. Every kit includes a control card with debug interface, complete power stage including rectifier and EMI filter. The motor control software is preloaded or available for download, it features an easy to use GUI software for parameterisation and tuning. Via standardised M1 20-pin MADK Platform interface connector, various combinations of control and power boards can be realised to best match different application requirements.

The Field Oriented Control (FOC) software supports sensor-less motor control based on the XMC1302 microcontroller. The hardware is also supporting the use of Hall sensors or innovative 3D magnetic sensors. The XMC1302 control card includes a debugger based on Segger J-Link technology. Additionally, the software support for this tool includes an easy to use μC-Probe based GUI. Further application software development can be implemented via DAVE, Infineon’s free-of-charge IDE, or with major ARM IDEs, like Keil, IAR or Atollic.

Another control option is available with the IRMCK099M, a motion control ASIC with hardware-based sensor-less FOC control. It comes with a separate debug interface card. Available kits combine the XMC1302 control card with one of four power boards from theμIPM IRSM836 series or μIPM-DIP IRSM505 series (500 or 250V).

The four kits and six different single boards will be available during May.

At PCIM 2016 tradeshow, Infineon is presenting leading edge technology for efficient systems in industrial, consumer and automotive applications at booth #412 in hall 9 (Nuremberg, Germany, 10th to 12th May 2016).

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