Ethernet switch software achieves ASPICE Level 2 Certification

25th September 2019
Alex Lynn

Marvell has announced that its automotive Ethernet switch software has achieved Automotive SPICE Level 2 certification. Specifically, ASPICE Level 2 provides car manufacturers the confidence to employ Marvell’s software in crucial applications spanning, Advance Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), L3/L4 Autonomous Drive (AD) as well as secure central gateways.

Automotive SPICE, Software Process Improvement and Capability determination, has been developed by a combination of special interest groups within the Automotive Special Interest Group (SIG), a group of Automotive OEM, the Procurement Forum and the SPICE User Group to address the software development needs of the automotive industry.

To achieve this certification, Marvell went through a rigorous process and improved its software development capabilities over the past three years. The ASPICE Level 2 certification was evaluated and completed by Vector Consulting Services, an independent third-party organisation based in Germany.

“Our achievement of ASPICE Level 2 reflects Marvell’s commitment to providing our customers with industry proven, high performing, innovative automotive platforms,” said Will Chu, Vice President and General Manager of the Automotive Business Unit at Marvell Semiconductor. “Marvell is proud to have received this prestigious distinction, particularly versus our primary Ethernet competitors who lack such embedded software capabilities. At a higher level, our multi-year investments are positioning Marvell to become the leader in the automotive Ethernet connectivity market and accelerate the future of intelligent driving.”

Dr Oliver Plan, Competent SPICE assessor at Vector Consulting Services, added: “The achievement of Automotive SPICE Level 2 is an important step in Marvell’s roadmap development. The team of the assessed firmware development is convinced of the value of using ASPICE best practices. In the assessment, the results show that processes, methods and tools are implemented and working to deliver a state-of-the-art automotive product.”

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