Electrical components with custom laser etching

15th February 2024
Harry Fowle

Live Electronics has announced the launch of its custom etching service, enhancing supplies.

This technology uses advanced laser precision to enhance the visual appeal of the electrical components that the company supplies. It works particularly well with connectors and switches to provide unparalleled quality and flexibility. 

The laser etching process is precise and can create intricate designs on virtually any surface of electrical components. The company believes that the versatility of this service ensures exceptional results.

Live Electronics has introduced a new service to help customers reduce both lead times, and, in many instances, overall costs for custom-marked products. Additionally, the new service allows the ordering process to be simplified, as each custom-etched part can be assigned a single order number.

A further benefit of this service is the option to create attractive backlit switches. Live Electronics has perfected a process where a very dark, near-black colour can be produced on high-end surfaces, something that has previously been difficult to achieve.

Beyond aesthetics, Live Electronics laser etching service is ideal for clear identification and labelling, such as series or product codes. Company logos or images can also be etched directly onto electronic components, adding a personalised touch to the final products. The precision of the laser etching ensures longevity, even in demanding environments.

“We are thrilled to announce our laser etching service, setting a new standard for precision and customisation in the electronic component industry,” says Luke Hartley, Managing Director. “This technology offers our customers flexibility, precision and customisation for their electronic projects.”

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