Ease IoT design with third-party platform development flows

13th March 2019
Alex Lynn

Taking another high-impact step towards accelerating developers ability to bring differentiated Internet of Things (IoT) products to market, Cypress Semiconductor has announced that its ModusToolbox suite will now provide support for complete device-to-cloud application development flows based on the industry’s most popular open-source IoT platforms.

Cypress has been working with Arm Mbed OS and Arm Pelion IoT platform to achieve the first supported application development flow in the Cypress IoT ecosystem.

The ModusToolbox suite provides unprecedented flexibility for developers to access Cypress’ industry-leading microcontroller (MCU) and wireless connectivity devices for the IoT. The suite also provides an open architecture that allows IoT development professionals to choose their preferred development environment.

By bringing these elements together, ModusToolbox addresses the complexities that device designers face when developing IoT applications that require seamless integration across compute, connectivity and cloud domains.

“Legacy semiconductor solutions focus on the hardware layer, leaving burdensome system-level and application-layer implementation to the designer,” said Sudhir Gopalswamy, Executive Vice President of Cypress’ Microcontroller and Connectivity Division. “Cypress is transforming its IoT solutions to a software-first approach, which is clearly what innovative designers crave.”

Arm Mbed OS is a free, open-source operating system that helps developers build connected devices featuring security and connectivity. The integration with ModusToolbox is an important step in Cypress’ drive to make the tool completely RTOS agnostic, open-source compatible, and cloud-ecosystem friendly.

All tools and development flows are available cross-host on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. The Mbed development experience is delivered through the Mbed CLI tools, online compiler, Mbed Studio, and via export to the ModusToolbox Integrated Design Environment (IDE).

“Developers are under extreme pressure to scale IoT devices with uncompromised quality and security,” said Chris Porthouse, Vice President and General Manager of Device Services, IoT Services Group, Arm. “The ModusToolbox suite using Arm Mbed enables developers to access the latest cloud capabilities from Cypress that are seamlessly integrated with their MCU, WiFi, and Bluetooth devices.”

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