Development kit supports 32-bit microcontroller

2nd October 2020
Mick Elliott

STMicroelectronics’ STM32H735G-DK Discovery kit is a complete demonstration and development platform for the Arm Cortex-M7 core-based STM32H735IGK6U microcontroller with 1 Mbyte of Flash memory and 564 Kbytes of SRAM.

It is in stock at Digi-Key Electronics.

The STM32H735G-DK Discovery kit is used as a reference design for user application development before porting to the final product, thus simplifying the application development.

The full range of hardware features available on the board helps users to enhance their application development by an evaluation of all the peripherals (such as USB OTG FS, Ethernet, microSD card, USART, CAN FD, SAI audio DAC stereo with audio jack input and output, MEMS digital microphone, HyperRAM, Octo-SPI Flash memory, RGB interface LCD with capacitive touch panel, and others).

ARDUINO Uno V3, Pmod, and STMod+ connectors provide easy connection to extension shields or daughterboards for specific applications.

The board features a 4.3-inch TFT 480 × 272 pixels coloured LCD module with capacitive touch panel and RGB interface.

It is Ethernet compliant with IEEE-802.3-2002 and PoE (Power over Ethernet).

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