Design kit enables comparison between IGBTs & MOSFETs

7th January 2015
Barney Scott

Providing all of the components needed to evaluate Cree MOSFET and Schottky diode performance in a configurable half bridge circuit, Cree has introduced a MOSFET design kit. Quick and easy to assemble and use, the design kit enables comparative testing between IGBTs and Cree MOSFETs, and provides an effective layout example for properly driving Cree MOSFETs with minimal ringing.

The kit provides easy access to critical test points, enabling simple and accurate measurements, including VGS, VDS, and IDS. The kit, designed to assist engineers unfamiliar with the higher switching speeds of SiC devices, is also easily configurable to several different power conversion topologies in buck or boost configurations. Half bridge and three-phase configurations can be constructed and analysed by respectively combing two and three kits.

The design kit includes two 80mΩ, 1200V Cree MOSFETs, two 1200V, 20A Cree Schottky diodes in standard TO-247 packages, a half bridge configured design board equipped with isolated gate drives; power supplies; and all of the other components necessary to assemble the power stage. Also included are a gate driver schematic and layout reference for a TO-247-packaged Cree MOSFET, as well as a comprehensive user manual and sourcing sheet with basic block diagrams and specifications.

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