Datalight releases FlashFX Tera Intelligent Flash Media Manager with Support for SLC and MLC NAND

2nd October 2009
ES Admin
The latest release of the Datalight FlashFX 'Tera' flash device management software brings support for the latest Multi Level Cell (MLC) based NAND flash devices. The combination of flash device management and the latest Datalight high reliability Reliance 'Nitro' flash file systems bring industrial grade protection of your embedded device's data.
FlashFX Tera is a flash management solution that frees developers from the volatility and constraints of single-source flash memory software. Versatility allows fast integration with over 300 flash chip part numbers. Dynamic chip select provides run-time flexibility of using just one driver image, saving money and lowering supply-line risks during production. Pre-written support includes SLC and MLC NAND and NOR parts from top manufacturers (Intel, Micron, Samsung, Toshiba, Numonyx and Spansion), fusion flash (such as Samsung OneNAND, FlexOneNAND or Spansion OrNAND), and application processor flash controllers (like Freescale MX and Texas Instruments OMAP). Our high performance, multi-threaded flash drivers provide superior wear-leveling, bad block management, garbage collection and fast read/write speeds.

MPC Data has collaborated with Datalight engineers to develop a compelling demonstration platform for the Datalight flash filesystems using the popular BeagleBoard hardware based on the high-performance Texas Instruments OMAP3530 device. Our Windows CE6.0 R2 board support package for the BeagleBoard is configured to run the same demo application using the stock Windows CE filesystem compared to Datalight's Reliance Nitro.

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