CST announces latest Antenna Magus release

21st July 2016
Nat Bowers

Helping deliver antenna design projects faster and more effectively, Computer Simulation Technology has announced the release of Antenna Magus Version 2016.

The main goal of this new release is to streamline workflows and accelerate the design process, while making insight and information about antenna designs more accessible. This gives engineers the understanding needed to compare and select from alternative designs at an early stage in the design process, which can reduce the time and effort required for the full design cycle.

Antenna Magus 2016 introduces a Specification-driven workflow based on the Smart Design and Specifications introduced in version 5. Users can select a Specification template according to application (e.g. satcoms or mobile communication), industry (e.g. aerospace or nautical) and frequency band (e.g. ISM or radar bands), or create a custom template for their specific application. Antenna Magus then suggests a range of antenna designs synthesised to match the specification. As the Specification is refined and adjusted, the design candidates proposed to achieve the Specification are automatically updated. 

New and improved antenna designs are regularly published in literature, and Antenna Magus always works to include these in new releases. Antenna Magus 2016 introduces Suggestion tools, putting users in direct contact with Antenna Magus developers to request new antenna types and features that they would like to see added to Antenna Magus.

Brian Woods, Managing Director, MAGUS, commented: “Our aim when developing Antenna Magus has been to create an intelligent design tool that frees engineers from the inefficient routines of antenna design, and the Specification workflow is a key part of this. The new workflow, when coupled with the capability to design over 300 types of antenna and transition types, libraries and tools including the new RF coaxial connector library and exciting new comparison views in a refined interface, provides a powerful and unique capability for antenna designers and antenna system analysts when dealing with new applications and evolving requirements.”

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