Control solution kit for all outdoor home automation

18th January 2016
Nat Bowers

Comprising a 4-channel IP68 waterproof receiver, universal transmitter and compact 6 button key fob, the ELITE-KIT has been introduced by RF Solutions. The simple and reliable control solution kit is suited for all outdoor home automation and offers easy installation, up to 200m range and multiple transmitters.

Designed with electricians in mind, the high quality and robust system comes ready-to-use - whether the job is switching on garden lighting, opening a garage door or turning on a pond pump.

Features of the ELITE-KIT include four 230V outputs, on-board signal Strength meter and simple programming buttons to aid a quick and simple install. Each of the outputs can be set to timed, momentary or latching operation. The pairing options allow more control over operation and can be used to create ‘scenes’ with multiple outdoor applications incorporated.

The transmitters in the kit include the FOBBER key fob and the universal transmitter, SQUIDBOARD. FOBBER has buttons 1-4 for control of the outputs and also an ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ button to switch all outputs at once. SQUIDBOARD has 4 inputs and is powered by two AAA batteries, neatly designed to fit behind a wall gang switch.

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