Kontron announce new starter kit for embedded high-end graphics based on COM Express Type 6 COMs

16th April 2013
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Kontron today announced the new COM Express Starterkit Reference T6 for the accelerated development of a broad range of Small Form Factor multimedia applications, providing a rich user experience ranging from battery-powered portable solutions up to stationary multi-display installations.
Following the launch of the Kontron COM Express Starterkit Eval T6, the new Reference T6 Starterkit was compiled specifically for OEMs which need to design fully featured SFF applications using COM Express.

The starter kit provides a space efficient Mini-ITX sized carrier board that can host any COM Express pin-out Type 6 Computer-on-Modules in the basic (125 x 95 mm) and compact (95 x 95 mm) form factors for most flexible performance scalability. The starter kit is specifically configured to enable the quick evaluation and development of graphics-intensive solutions using the latest interfaces such as: DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI or LVDS in Mini-ITX sized designs. With SIM card support, it also enables always-connected and constantly updated ubiquitous distributed solutions. Target application areas are digital signage systems, POS/POI terminals, professional gaming machines, professional AV equipment, passenger infotainment systems, shop floor systems and man-machine interfaces in automation, as well as, medical computers and devices. Enabling OEMs to start right away with the development of state-of-the-art multi-display applications and utilize the entire COM Express and Mini-ITX ecosystem is a significant aid in reducing development efforts and time-to-market. To further accelerate the design of customer-specific carrierboards, on request Kontron can provide the corresponding carrierboard schematics, so OEMs have a blue print of a solution which has already been evaluated, so they do not have to design everything from scratch.

The new Kontron COM Express Starterkit unleashes its full potential when combined with the latest technology modules such as the Kontron COMe-bIP6 with 3rd generation Intel Core processors or the Kontron COMe-cTH6 based on the AMD Embedded R-Series accelerated processing unit. This enables OEMs to design applications requiring powerful graphic capabilities to feed up to four independent displays with brilliant 3D graphics or HD video streams. High-speed serial interfaces, including USB 3.0, allow connection of the latest peripheral components to facilitate building systems with commercially available standard components. Furthermore, the Starterkit will also support Kontron’s future COM Express modules with upcoming 4th generation Intel Core processors. OEMS looking for small, portable solutions will benefit from the Smart Battery Support and Kontron’s energy-efficient COM Express compact COMs such as the Kontron COMe-cCT6 or Kontron COMe-cTH6.

The Kontron COM Express Starterkit Reference T6 in detail

The new Kontron COM Express Starterkit for all COM Express Type 6-compliant compact and basic Computer-on-Modules includes the Mini-ITX sized (170 mm x 170 mm) COM Express Reference Carrier Type 6. Also included is a powerful and compact 300 W SFX-NT power supply unit, so that the highest-performance modules, plus dedicated graphics cards can be tested in full-performance operation to maximize user experience. Furthermore, with the included adapter cables for DisplayPort to DVI and DisplayPort to HDMI, OEMs do not need additional components when evaluating multi-display installations with conventional monitors. A USB 3.0 memory stick not only contains the documentation files, it can also serve as a USB 3.0 test device.

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