CDC signoff solution delivers 10X faster turnaround time

19th July 2019
Mick Elliott

The CadenceConformal Litmus is a next-generation solution that provides constraints signoff and clock domain crossing (CDC) signoff, reducing overall design cycle times and enhancing the quality of silicon in complex system-on-chip (SoC) designs.

The Conformal Litmus provides designers with 100% signoff timer accuracy and up to 10X faster turnaround time versus the previous generation solution.

The new Conformal Litmus provides customers with the following:

  • Industry’s first signoff static timer integration: With this integration, the Conformal Litmus can accurately model the design and the constraints using the same interpretation as the Tempus Timing Signoff Solution, providing customers with 100% signoff accuracy at the register-transfer level (RTL).
  • CDC structural signoff: This verifies structural correctness of CDC in the design from early RTL through implementation flows. Smart analysis and reporting features provide rapid signoff capabilities, potentially saving weeks to months in the design schedule.
  • Constraints signoff: Checks for correctness and completeness of constraints at the block level and lets users perform hierarchical block versus top consistency checks at the SoC integration level. The Conformal Litmus smart analysis generates accurate, low-noise reports that shorten debug time and helps users achieve signoff-quality constraints rapidly.
  • Multi-CPU parallelisation: Verification can be parallelised across multiple cores, delivering up to 10X faster turnaround time on SoC designs.

“Accelerating SoC delivery to meet tight design schedules while keeping development costs down continues to be a growing customer challenge with today’s complex designs,” said Dr. Chin-Chi Teng, senior vice president and general manager in the Digital & Signoff Group at Cadence. “The new Cadence Conformal Litmus provides innovative capabilities that enable our customers to sign off on constraints and CDCs and tape out reliable, high-quality designs on schedule.”


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