ByteSnap launches automated electronic product design service

13th February 2024
Harry Fowle

ByteSnap Design has launched its Automated Electronic Product Design Service, which takes a specification and turns it into a market-ready solution with minimal input from in-house design teams.

Embarking on new product development projects can be a challenge for teams where resources and time are tight. By using ByteSnap’s Automated Electronic Product Design Service, clients can take advantage of the company’s 16 years of experience in projects ranging from software application and prototype development, low-power wireless devices and an array of electronic board and prototype designs, all the way through to manufacturing support.

The new service provides a tried and tested hands-free design service to accelerate product delivery timescales. ByteSnap’s team of electronics and software engineering experts take care of the project management enabling a more hands-off approach, allowing in-house teams to focus on larger projects.

From the discovery call, ByteSnap’s team defines the requirements specification, maps out a product’s journey, determines a project timeline, and undertakes development and testing, while iterating according to requirements. Then, after delivery of the final product, ByteSnap provides ongoing support to ensure the finished product continues to thrive in the market.

Dunstan Power, director at ByteSnap, said: “Our team of experienced engineers can pick up the project and meet your big-picture goals without the need for micromanagement. The main advantage of handing the design process over to ByteSnap is that even with limited engineer bandwidth your project can be completed on time and within budget, even if your own team become unavailable for any reason, with minimal input from you. This saves busy electronics manufacturers valuable time to spend on other projects and to focus on priority tasks within the business.”

Projects that have already benefited from faster route to market using the new Automated Design Service include:

  • A high-volume HVAC manufacturer that ByteSnap worked on behalf of, filling a skills gap with the electronics knowledge and experience required to deliver not just one but multiple projects with very little technical input from the manufacturer
  • A smart city infrastructure manufacturer with a product it couldn’t produce any longer. ByteSnap redesigned the product to overcome the incurrent technical issues with minimal input from the manufacturer’s management team
  • An NDT equipment manufacturer’s project which was completed sooner than expected

ByteSnap Design also has two other services - Design Rescue Service, which was developed through client demand to avoid project delays, and Feasibility Research Service, which offers rational analysis of product design in line with expectation, budget and project deadlines.

At last week's Southern Manufacturing and Electrics event, ByteSnap demonstrated an industry-leading electronic wireless lockset with real-time monitoring that it had been tasked with, integrating the electronics and software for a wireless lock controller into a customer’s existing product. ByteSnap’s engineering teams designed all the electronics and all the software for the new upgrade, including:

  • Electronic Design: all new electronics developed for the lock controller, card reader and base station
  • Software Development: Wi-Fi and Zigbee communications, integration to third party security systems.

The new system also includes a wireless receiver. The upgraded lockset will be used in challenging environments helping to safeguard vulnerable people.

The cost-effective solution means the customer can now make their own locks at less than a quarter of the previous price.  Other benefits include freedom from supply constraints and improved interoperability with third party access control systems.

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