Belden PROVIZE suite simplifies network planning

15th February 2024
Harry Fowle

Belden has announced the release of its PROVIZE Suite. A robust network management software suite, PROVIZE Suite includes the PROVIZE Planner network planning and configuration solution and PROVIZE Explorer, which simplifies the commissioning of Belden devices.

As networks scale up, industrial organisations need solutions that mitigate escalating complexity. With the PROVIZE Suite, organisations gain a single, intuitive interface that empowers them to design networks, validate their designs’ viability, gain accurate bills of materials (BOMs) and configure Belden devices – all in one place. PROVIZE Planner software delivers drag-and-drop network planning that lets users easily design configurations based on network intents. PROVIZE Explorer detects devices that have not been commissioned and allows users to verify security certifications and establish passwords and Internet protocol version 4 (IPv4) addresses for multiple devices at one time.

PROVIZE Suite provides powerful benefits, such as:

  • Seamless integration: PROVIZE Planner and PROVIZE Explorer seamlessly integrate with Belden PROVIZE Suite supporting streamlined network planning, configuration and commissioning via a single interface.
  • Easy to use: Users can quickly plan networks and commission devices via intuitive software with no learning curve.
  • Free base version: Organisations can get unlimited installations of entry-level solutions for PROVIZE Explorer and PROVIZE Planner for free.
  • Paid PROVIZE Planner and PROVIZE Explorer versions: Organisations can upgrade to paid PROVIZE licenses to access advanced features.

“In developing the PROVIZE Suite, we’ve emphasised creating software that offers rich functionality with an intuitive user experience,” said Sina Mueller, Product Specialist at Belden. “With PROVIZE Planner, users can design networks and validate configurations at their desks and gain auto-generated bills of materials, saving time and reducing costs. PROVIZE Explorer provides fast commissioning of Belden devices and easy access to Hirschmann device interfaces to maximise efficiency.”

The PROVIZE Suite introduces new value-added features, including user experience (UX) enhancements for both products, port planning functionality and Command Line Interface (CLI) templates for streamlining the configuration of planned devices and subnet configuration in PROVIZE Planner, as well as configuration of multiple initial IPv4 assignments in PROVIZE Explorer.

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