BDM/JTAG debugger offers higher speed and performance enhancements

1st February 2008
ES Admin
The Abatron BDI3000, now available in the UK from Computer Solutions, is the latest generation of Abatron's popular range of BDM/JTAG debuggers, and offers higher speed and performance enhancements compared with earlier models. Features of the BDI3000 include support for GDB debugging and flash programming for ColdFire, PowerPC, ARM, Xscale and MIPS processors. It will also support low-voltage processors down to 1.2 V.
The BDI3000 provides high-speed links to the target CPU (up to 32 MHz) and to the PC (via 10/100 Ethernet), resulting in very fast program downloads - up to 1500 kbyte/s, depending on the CPU - and flash programming times limited predominantly by the CPU and flash memory characteristics. A typical programming speed is 220 kbyte/s for the Xscale PXA250.

The same hardware is used for all supported targets and debuggers, allowing the unit to be used on subsequent projects, and features easy connection to the target system in a robust, EMC-optimised design.

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