Basic module designed with 7th generation mobile processors

30th March 2017
Anna Flockett

The release of the PCOM-B643VG, a COM ExpressType 6 Basic Module, which measures 125x95mm has been announced by Portwell and is based on the 7th Generation Intel Core mobile processor (codenamed Kaby Lake-H) and Intel QM175 and CM238 express chipset.

This module includes Intel Turbo Boost Technology for faster processing, Intel vPro Technology for remote capabilities and Intel Hyper-threading Technology for multithreading. Supporting three symmetric independent displays, the PCOM-B643VG is designed with the 7th Generation Intel Core Processor, built on 14nm process technology utilising multi-stream technology, resulting in up to double the performance of the integrated GPU and improved energy efficiency.

These features translate into reduced manageability cost and improved security capability, making the PCOM-B643VG a solution for Medical Healthcare Systems, Retail Systems, Network Systems, Digital Signage and IoT Solutions.

The Portwell PCOM-B643VG COM Express module supports DDR4 2133MT/s SDRAM on two SO-DIMM sockets, up to 32GB; two DisplayPort, one VGA, and one LVDS output; 4x USB 3.0, 4x USB 2.0; 4x SATA III; 8x PCIe x1, 1x PCIe x16; 1x GbE; and wide voltage support from 6-18V.

Specifically, the PCOM-B643VG COM Express module supports up to 32GB ECC (supported by CM238 chipset only) and non-ECC DDR4 up to 2400MHz on two 288-pin SO-DIMM sockets, making it faster than its predecessor.

Its expansion interface supports one PCI Express x16 Gen3 (8.0GT/s) for enhanced video performance, 1.6 times faster than the previous Gen2 (5.0GT/s), and eight PCI Express x1 Gen3 (8.0 GT/s).

Furthermore, PCOM-B643VG supports three independent displays, DP (DisplayPort), VGA and eDP with greater 3D performance compared to its previous generation. Operating with a low TDP CPU (25/35/45W), the PCOM-B643VG can deliver superior performance in various environments.

Flexibility, longevity and faster time to market
Designed with flexibility, the PCOM-B643VG is developed on a basic 125x95 platform, and with the Intel QM175 and CM238 mobile chipsets functioning smoothly with the 7th Generation Intel Core mobile processors which come in 14nm architecture with lower power consumption, better computing power, and better graphic performance along with enhanced media codec encode and decode capabilities.

These features enable customers to preserve their legacy components and subsequent investments while minimising turn-around time – all of which ensures that the costs of inevitable upgrades are minimal.

As the markets evolve, Portwell’s versatile COM Express modules adapt to the changes by enabling designers to partition commodity host-processors from proprietary baseboards, thereby minimising current and future design risks during the initial phase of development.

This design of separating the CPU-upgradable module from system specific I/O carrier boards further safeguards development investments and lowers total cost of ownership. In addition, Portwell can also provide services to clients on the carrier board design and development, review schematics and BIOS customisation.

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