Automotive ultrasonic fluid measurement reference design

3rd August 2018
Anna Flockett

TI reference design TIDA-00322 is an automotive liquid level and fluid identification measurement system. It is based on the dual-channel TDC1000-Q1 ultrasonic AFE and the real-time microcontroller C2000.

This reference design can also be used with the TDC1000 for industrial/consumer applications. This solution supports 4.5-40V system capabilities with reverse battery protection.

For prototyping and signal accessibility for product development, TI recommends using the TDC1000-C2000EVM as the hardware evaluation platform for automotive designs.

For industrial or consumer designs, it is recommended to begin evaluation with the TDC1000-TDC7200EVM. This EVM has the ability of using the MSP430 or the TDC7200 as the stop-watch timer; usage of each depends on the time of flight accuracy requirement of the application.

Features include:
  • Dual channel analogue-front-end for ultrasonic sensing
  • High voltage circuit to drive the transducer with 30V to penetrate deeper tanks
  • Input voltage range of 6V to 40V with reverse battery protection
  • Automotive qualified bill of material
  • External RTD measurement  to monitor temperature changes that affect the medium's speed of sound
  • CAN transceiver for flexibility of adding future CAN stack

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