ASRock Industrial's comprehensive NUC product line

24th July 2023
Harry Fowle

As a key partner of Intel, ASRock Industrial expresses gratitude for Intel’s inspiring work and contribution in NUC development.

Following Intel’s statement to “pivot its strategy to enable ecosystem partners to continue NUC systems product line innovation and growth,” ASRock Industrial conveys support for Intel’s new strategic direction by continuing our contribution to the innovation and growth of the NUC platform. ASRock Industrial has a strong commitment to the research, development, and sales of NUC Mini PCs and motherboards. Positioned at the forefront of this industry, we offer a comprehensive NUC product line spanning from 11th to 13th Gen Intel CPUs, receiving positive feedback. The lineup includes NUC BOX Series, slim type NUCS BOX Series, fanless iBOX Series, and NUC Motherboard Series, catering to diverse application needs. With motherboards and systems adhering to NUC form factor specifications, we offer reliable alternatives to Intel's NUCs. ASRock Industrial continues to invest in the NUC product line, empowering customers to find suitable solutions with a smooth transition.

ASRock Industrial’s NUC products with Intel CPU

ASRock Industrial’s NUC products lineup includes NUC BOX Series, slim type NUCS BOX Series, the fanless iBOX Series, and NUC Motherboard Series. All of these are equipped with 11th to 13th Gen Intel CPUs, offering a comprehensive alternative NUC solution. The NUC 1300 BOX Series, NUCS 1300 BOX Series, NUC 1300 Motherboard Series, equipped with 13th Gen Intel CPU, provide alternatives to the Intel NUC 13 Pro (Arena Canyon). Additionally, the NUCS 1300 BOX Series is a suitable option for customers interested in choosing the Intel NUC 13 Pro Desk Edition (Vivid Canyon).

For customers using Intel NUC 12 Pro (Wall Street Canyon) and Intel NUC 11 Pro (Tiger Canyon), we recommend considering an upgrade to the NUC 1300 BOX Series, NUCS 1300 BOX Series, NUC 1300 Motherboard Series, all featuring 13th Gen Intel CPUs. Alternatively, customers have the option to select the NUC 1200 BOX Series, NUC 1200 Motherboard Series with 12th Gen Intel CPUs. Users of the Intel NUC 11 Pro (Tiger Canyon) can also choose the NUC 1100 BOX Series, NUC 1100 Motherboard Series with 11th Gen Intel CPUs.

Furthermore, ASRock Industrial offers the NUC BOX-N97, NUC-N97 motherboard with Intel Processor N97, along with the NUC BOX-J6412, NUC-J6412 motherboard supporting the Intel Processor J6412. These options provide customers with additional choices when selecting the Intel® NUC 11 Essential (Altas Canyon). Through this transition, we aim to lay out ASRock Industrial’s comprehensive and dependable product range developed in collaboration with Intel, enabling customers to find the most suitable solutions they seek.

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